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About company

Leaptek is a top supplier of cutting-edge software application services, offering state-of-the-art solutions to a variety of industries. Leaptek provides complete services that are customized to match the specific requirements of each customer, with an emphasis on improving user experiences and streamlining processes. 


Leaptek’s website presented a challenge for BrandGenz to create with easy navigation and an engaging user interface, all while highlighting their creative solutions. 

Out comes

User-Centric Design

BrandGenz carried out a thorough analysis of Leaptek’s target market preferences. They produced an aesthetically attractive website with a clear layout, eye-catching graphics, and simple navigation by applying modern design ideas. 

Content Strategy

BrandGenz and Leaptek collaborated closely to create engaging content that amply demonstrated their offerings, sector knowledge, and success stories. Prioritizing clear and succinct messaging allowed for the accessible communication of complicated technical information. 

Mobile Responsiveness

Brand Genz made sure Leaptek’s website was fully responsive on all devices in recognition of the growing trend of using mobile devices for web browsing. For fluid viewing on smartphones and tablets, this involved optimizing the layout, photos, and content. 


The partnership between Leaptek and BrandGenz produced amazing outcomes and completely changed Leaptek’s online image. Not only did the redesigned website receive overwhelmingly valuable feedback from users, as demonstrated by a significant drop in bounce rates and an increase in engagement time but lead generation and customer inquiries also significantly increased. Additionally, Leaptek was positioned as a leader in the industry by its sleek and polished website design, which improved the company’s reputation with both present and potential customers. Furthermore, by putting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices into effect, Leaptek’s online exposure was strengthened and organic traffic increased thanks to improved search engine results. Overall, Leaptek and BrandGenz’s collaboration not only met but surpassed expectations, demonstrating how well their combined efforts resulted in notable digital growth. 


Leaptek’s online presence was effectively renewed by BrandGenz through strategic planning, creative design, and precise execution, matching it with their standing as a leading provider of software application services. The partnership served as an excellent example of how crucial user-centric design and efficient communication are to accomplishing corporate goals in the digital era.

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