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Introducing Eatano Greens, a place where you can get delicious and nutrient-dense-quality microgreens. Discover the variety of vegetables and fruits we have to offer, such as amaranth, beets, green mustard, pak choi, red and sango purple radish, sunflower, and wheatgrass. Enjoy the pleasure of healthy eating by elevating your meals with us. 


Eatano Greens approached BrandGenZ to ask for help with improving its online presence, raising brand awareness, and boosting consumer interaction. In addition, the customer indicated that they would like to expand their audience reach by utilising digital marketing techniques, including social media marketing (SMM) and search engine marketing (SEM), via Google Ads. In order to properly promote and display its products, Eatano Greens also needed imaginative poster designs. 


BrandGenZ created a thorough digital marketing plan specifically suited to Eatano Greens’ requirements and goals. In order to increase brand awareness and promote products, the approach included website design and development, SEM (Google Ads) campaigns, SMM management, and the production of 15 eye-catching posters. 


Website Designing Services

For Eatano Greens, BrandGenZ created an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive website that showcased the brand’s premium microgreens and emphasised its dedication to nutrition and freshness. The website included easy-to-use e-commerce features for convenient online ordering, as well as interesting content and intuitive navigation. 


SEM (Google Ads) Campaigns

Targeted Google Ads campaigns were put in place by BrandGenZ to raise Eatano Greens’ exposure in search engine results and generate relevant website traffic. The SEM ads successfully drew in potential clients interested in quality microgreens by utilizing clever keyword placement and attention-grabbing ad language.


SMM Services

Eatano Greens’ social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were maintained by BrandGenZ in an effort to raise consumer interaction and brand exposure. A devoted online community was developed, and organic growth was accelerated by the use of captivating material, such as eye-catching photos and educational articles about the health advantages of microgreens.


Creative Poster Design Services

To promote Eatano Greens’ wide variety of microgreens and to highlight its special offers and discounts, BrandGenZ developed 15 eye-catching posters. Vibrant imagery, persuasive text, and obvious calls to action were all used in the posters to draw in clients and increase in-person and online sales.


  • Targeted SEM and SMM initiatives have increased Eatano Greens’ online visibility and brand recognition. 
  • increased conversion rates and website traffic, which boost online sales and revenue production. 
  • Community development and engaging social media content lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty. 
  • Sales and foot traffic in-store are improved as a result of Eatano Greens’ clever poster designs and effective product and promotion. 
  • In summary, Eatano Greens and BrandGenz’s joint efforts have improved the brand’s online visibility and facilitated its expansion and prosperity within the very competitive microgreens industry. 


Eatano Greens was able to effectively promote its premium microgreens, increase online visibility, and drive customer engagement by implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included website design, SEM (Google Ads), SMM, and creative poster design services. BrandGenZ was instrumental in this process. The fruitful collaboration between Eatano Greens and BrandGenZ serves as evidence of the importance of well-thought-out digital marketing strategies for driving company expansion and success.

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