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About The company

Karthikeya Automotives, founded in 2020 in Hyderabad, has quickly become a leading car care center in Karimnagar and beyond. With over 20 showrooms across Hyderabad, Vizag, Kurnool, and Chennai, they offer exceptional services including ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tints, and car detailing. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted name in the industry, setting new standards for automotive care. 


The customer came to Brandgenz to design their website and increase their visibility using fundamental SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to build a strong online presence. They also needed thirty artistic posters to support their marketing campaigns. 

Out comes

  • Website designing  
  • SEO 
  • 30 creative posters  


Website Designing

An important turning point in Karthikeya Automotive’s digital journey has been reached with the launch of their new website. Customer and stakeholder feedback has been overwhelmingly favorable, complimenting the website’s user-friendly features, educational content, and intuitive design for improving the online experience. Furthermore, the website has proven to be a powerful tool for marketing, bringing in more leads, increasing traffic, and eventually boosting revenue for Karthikeya Automotives. 



BrandGenz started a comprehensive plan by carefully examining the client’s website and SEO results. They determined which areas needed the most work and created a customized plan to optimize the website for both search engine exposure and an improved user experience. 


30 Creative Posters

We created a unique design idea with aesthetically pleasing features, user-friendly navigation, and responsive layouts that complemented Karthikeya Automotive’s brand identity. 

                 Bringing it All Together 

Brand Genz effectively addressed the client’s objectives by utilizing their knowledge in website design, basic SEO, and creative design services, and they produced measurable outcomes that surpassed expectations. Through the application of creative thinking and methodical execution, they enabled the client to improve their online visibility, increase traffic, and successfully accomplish their marketing objectives.

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